Improve confidence and communication at every level of your business.

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Is broken communication holding your company back?

Communication is at the heart of every successful organisation - and when it breaks down, the whole company suffers. The longer you let it slide, the bigger the risks.

  • Lost productivity
  • Frustrated, uninspired staff
  • High achievers leaving the business
  • Disrupted workflow and disjointed processes

  • Sabine Parry works with organisations to improve confidence and communication at every level of their business. Her authentic and inspiring leadership style, combined with the revolutionary Fascinate System, creates win-win solutions that drive sustainable businesses. 

    Engage with your people, empower them to do better, and elevate your company.

    The Fascinate System

    Other personality tests are about how we see the world. How to Fascinate is about how the world sees us. The Fascinate System is an engaging and inspiring method to discover your natural advantages, create your anthem and define your personal brand.

    How to Fascinate isn’t a box-ticking exercise that ends up forgotten in a desk drawer! Sabine works with your team to understand and apply the results of their Fascinate Test, along with practical tips and ‘cheat sheets’ to solve common issues.

    How to Fascinate provides long-lasting benefits that carry over into your teams' personal lives and boost their confidence for years to come.

    Team Heatmapping

    Visualise your team's natural advantages, optimise around your strengths, and tackle potential issues head-on.

    Heatmap existing teams to improve collaboration and performance. Heatmap project teams to confidently build a balanced team with no strength gaps.

    In the example here, analysis showed that the team tended to retreat when under pressure and often struggled to make confident decisions. Once the team were aware of these issues, they created strategies to manage them.

    In stressful situations, the stronger communicators would encourage the 'retreaters' to remain engaged, and the team acknowledged that collective decision-making was essential, despite requiring additional effort in the short term.


    The perceived ability to communicate confidently after our Coaching


    The clarity around their individual competitive advantage


    The ability to describe their competitive advantage


    The understanding of how they are perceived by others

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    Our services

    Leadership coaching

    Empower your leaders to discover their strengths and become more of who they are.

    Sabine’s engaging coaching process awakens your leaders to their strengths and helps them understand how others perceive their communication style. They’ll learn how to articulate their value and be empowered to build stronger relationships in their professional and personal lives.

    Following their coaching, your leaders will be able to apply their individual learnings to strengthen their teams.

    Team building

    Different is better than better! Understand the unique strengths and personalities in your team, improve staff engagement, and watch your organisation soar.

    Sabine’s team-building process maps the individual strengths in your team, helping you
    to understand where your team may be unbalanced.

    You’ll be able to anticipate and solve common communication problems, inspire and motivate your staff, and identify any gaps for future recruitment. 

    Fascinate Profile

    The basics. A good option if you're curious about how you communicate. Minimum pre-requisite for your team heat map. Comes without the coaching for long-term impact but with a free 15 min call.

    1:1 Coaching

    Discover how the world sees you, live your unique best, get out of default behaviour during stress, optimise communication with others. Pre-requisite for the full Communication Workshop.

    Team Heat Map

    Put everyone on the map, capitalise on your combined strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and solve problems using our tools. Everyone needs a Fascinate Profile first.

    Team Workshop

    Understand your colleagues highest values, identify their red flags and help them when they are stressed - for the biggest long-term impact in teams up to 10 people. More in the team? Please inquire.

    About Sabine

    Sabine is an energetic, engaging leadership coach with a passion for helping people succeed. After founding and growing four successful companies, Sabine began sharing what she learned as a keynote speaker, mentor for the UC startup programme and the Personal Training Councils of NZ and Germany, and franchise advisor.

    Sabine has facilitated over 200 Fascinate Leadership Coaching programmes, and loves the versatility and ability to make a genuine impact. She is experienced in leading high-performance teams and has a results-oriented and compassionate leadership style.

    “I like empowering people to make better decisions for their own lives. I love companies and people that strive to better themselves; everything I learn, I love to pass on.”

    What others have said...

    Jonathan Thompson - Hardware Engineer
    "Sabine has a thorough knowledge of the How to Fascinate content and a natural ability to educate others and facilitate discussion while connecting effortlessly with her students. The results are an eye-opening experience learning about one's advantages, how to utilise those advantages in a team environment, and how to recognise and avoid the rut of one's weaknesses. All of this leads to a positive working experience, in both team situations and individual work. I highly recommend Sabine to anyone interested in learning how to fascinate."
    Chiara Pratillo - Office Manager
    "The experience with HTF is definitely useful for a good "coexistence" in the office. You spend a lot of time with your colleagues and in my opinion it is good to have a greater awareness of your own and other people's strengths and weaknesses so that you can minimise stress or misunderstandings and collaborate better. "
    Will R - Manufacturing Quality Engineer
    "I've spent a lot of my career wondering why people don't act like me, why aren't people thinking the same way I am, and just getting frustrated that things aren't getting done the "right way". The How to Fascinate course showed me that there isn't a one size fits all "right way" and gave a fascinating real life insight into how others approach their work and how they tackle problems.  Sabine is a great tutor and her energy is contagious which really made this course fun"
    Julia Harrison - Software Developer
    "The How To Fascinate workshop was really well run by Sabine! It opened my eyes on some potential reasons for team struggles in the past, and showed me ways I can try to avoid falling into the same pattern in the future. Doing the workshop with my team gave me a better understanding of our collective strengths and preferred communication styles, and I feel we'll be able to work more cohesively for it!"
    Darryl Best - Senior Industrial Designer
    "Sabine is an excellent and enthusiastic communicator. Great workshop. Thanks!"
    Nikki Wheaton - IT Analyst
    "The Fascinate workshop was really positive and revealed my colleagues' strength attributes as well as my own, providing me with the knowledge of how to best approach my colleagues creating the best outcome to our communications."
    Devon Drew - Repair Technician
    "A fun and informative look into how the team operates and how we can better understand each other. Great for new teams and old teams alike."
    Anonymous -
    "I was sceptical at the outset, but Sabine persisted and then delivered a really insightful workshop that will continue to be talked about in the organisation for some time. I have experience with other measurement frameworks but HTF offers something quite different - more complete, more detailed, and more attuned to the subtle interplay between strengths and behaviours that other frameworks gloss over. I can recommend HTF as a very insightful tool in identifying and developing organisational behaviour."

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